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Vote for the Girls was started in May 2010 as a campaign by Aeverine “Ava” Zinn to support voting for Crystal Bowersox following the elimination of Siobhan Magnus. Vote for the Girls is dedicated to supporting all of the female contestants who the producers would love to see win on American Idol and The X Factor. We vote en masse for the female contestant that we feel provides the most entertaining performances that go in favor (or on occasion against) what the producers want in a winner and that or annoy the voting public. We always vote for the female singers; however, we take into account many factors like the contestant’s personality, how well they dance and move around the stage, and how likely they are to stand up for what’s right by stick around and shut out the males. We vote for the all the female contestants using our own criteria, but vocals are usually standard. Why are we doing this? Because we want to ruin Vote for the Worst, shutting out the male contestants having two girls in the American Idol finale — guaranteeing a female winner — and will it really going to ruin or destroy Vote for the Worst and crushing dreams?

At Vote for the Girls, we get the fact that Jordin Sparks was the last female contestant to win American Idol in 2007.. Vote for the Worst believes less-loved contestants are more entertaining than the producer favorites. Vote for the Girls, unlike Vote for the Worst, is competing against Vote for the Worst’s mission to keeping those bad contestants around as a golden opportunity to make a more entertaining show.

The contestants are not only TV personalities, but also human beings that really deserve a chance at her 15 Minutes of Fame. At Vote for the Girls, we KNOW that. We think that the female contestants are more entertaining than the producer favorites (as well as the male contestants) and we will agree if that contestant is a girl, and we want to acknowledge this fact by encouraging people to help vote for all-females that annoy or perhaps more serious infuriate or intimidate Vote for the Worst voters. Vote for the Girls sees keeping these female contestants around as a platinum opportunity to make a more entertaining and better show.

American Idol and The X Factor are really a shows about finding the next great talent, we believe that Vote for the Worst is ruining American Idol, right? We want this femininity and feminist entertainment to continue into finale of American Idol, so we choose a few contestants that we feel provides the most entertaining and deserving performances that praise the judges and the viewing public and we start voting for the female contestants. The show encourages us to vote for whomever we’d like. If the producers and judges put Siobhan Magnus, Pia Toscano, and Jessica Sanchez through to the finals, why do they get so mad when our votes land them in the bottom three and/or worse — Siobhan finishing in 6th in season 9 or Pia finishing 9th place in season 10, or Jessica being the runner-up in season 11? That really sounds like a typical episode of Amanda & Elisa, two mindless fictional characters that “hate television shows that suck balls.”

The American Idol producers absolutely love this because they’ve already spent time “pimping” the female contestant that they want to win. Because as the founder and webmaster or Vote for the Girls, auditioned for the 11th season of American Idol in front of the producers in Pittsburgh, PA, only to be eliminated in the producer callback with the producers stating “just not right for this competition” after as a journalist, exposed season 10’s gender bias voting which the first five contestants voted off were all female. Several of the founder’s former Facebook friends called her “hateful” and “mean spirited”. How can the voting public allow a male win American Idol for five straight years but then let us be called “relentless” when a campaign exists to help those very contestants just because they are girls? We don’t hate male contestants, we absolutely won’t vote for the guys. We actually love the female contestants!

Vote for the Girls encourages you to have fun with American Idol and The X Factor and embrace its feminizing by voting for the women who the general public and the producers are rooting FOR! We rally behind one choice so that we can help make a difference and pool all of our votes toward one common goal. Join us and vote for the Vote for the Girl(s) contestant as many times as you can each week. Our aim isn’t to win every single week, but to get the best two female contestants as far as possible. If one of the Vote for the Girls pick is ousted from the competition, we’ll move on to someone new (unless there are no female contestants left, then the season is over and we declare a VTFG Loss–a notable example is Duets season 1 after Bridget Carrington, the last female contestant was voted off). If we can help two girls get one spot closer to American Idol finale, that’s a great success! We care more about succeeding every single week than we do just enjoying the performances as they happen. Several people here takes the show that seriously.

People may tell you “Vote for the Girls is sexist..” We’re a fan-base just like the fans who to this day believe Crystal Bowersox and Jessica Sanchez were robbed of the American Idol title in 2010 and 2012, respectively. If American Idol producers actually wanted a female contestant to win, then Haley Rinehart and Lauren Alaina would have been in the season 10 American Idol finale. Besides, how else can you explain Jessica’s stay on the show in season 11 and becoming the very first female contestant saved from elimination?

Vote for the Girls is not just about the goal of having two female finalists not just in the American Idol finale–but also an ambition to end the alliance between young girls and grandmas (in their eyes), not necessarily as a contest to create a pop star competing on the contemporary radio, but as…who’s the nicest guy in a popularity contest has led to this dynasty of five, consecutive, affable, very nice, good-looking white boys. At Vote for the Girls, the mission is very simple. We want to begin, if not form, an alliance between not just to change the young girls and grandmas (in their eyes)–but all women, as a contest to create a diva competing on the contemporary radio and not necessarily the hot girl in a popularity contest that will lead to a new dynasty of of affable, very nice, good-looking girls!!!

We’ve had only one Vote for the Girls victory in the past with contestants like Melanie Amaro — that was when Vote for the Girls was a campaign of Aeverine Zinn. So, go on, embrace the greatness of American Idol and The X Factor. Help us Vote For the Girls!

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